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Beta Product is a young and dynamic company whose staff is highly motivated and professional.

Our work is to help every firm that wants to outsource stages of its production process and for this reason we are structured and organized to offer and  ensure productivity at a balanced costs to a wide range of industries.

Our Company inhabits a total area of over 3,000 square meters divided among the offices, the production area and a large internal warehouse with pallet racking for the storage and logistics of components and finished products. A covered outdoor area for activities of loading and unloading and movement of means is also available.

Within the structures, where every area is well organized and easily identifiable, they are various manufacturing activities:

  • Shearing and cold bending of metal sheet with mechanical presses from 10 to 400 tons.
  • Spot welding from 20 to 125 kW.
  • Assembly of mechanical and non mechanical components made by special machines and assembly lines.
  • Manual assembly of electrical connectors in plastic on special workbenches (over 25 places) organized and equipped in the most flexible way.
  • Automatic assembly of electrical connectors with specific dedicated machines.
  • Manual packaging guaranteed by constantly calibrated scales.
  • Automatic packaging with a special dedicated machine.
  • Logistics and storage.

All activities are carried out according to Customers’ specifications ensuring a full compliance with all the required features by an area reserved for the quality control; to achieve this aim there is also a management and control software that steadily allows to check the processing of orders.

Our Company has achieved and maintains recognition of UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 as an evidence of the quality, the standard working procedures and controls, the competence and dedication of the staff.

This is a sign of a strong will of cooperation for Customers and Suppliers that can count on a constant commitment aimed to keep high quality standards.

In the case of specific Customer’s requirements,Our Company manages its processes by applying the tools and guidelines typical of the automotive sector.

The main effort is to continuously improve processes and further to develop a know-how that is able both to consolidate the previous experience and to orientate towards the future.

Being always careful at the right cost-performance ratio we cooperate in particular with leading companies in the automotive and motorcycle world and in electronics.

Our satisfaction is to be considered as partner and not just a simple supplier of services and for this reason we thank all the Customers who believe in us and regard us.